Government Reason to Block and How to Access them

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Government Reason to Block and How to Access them

Website blocking and filtering practices are well known in Indonesia. Initially, filtering was done by internet cafe owners to filter or filter the contents of pornography and gambling. Only then, block services and screening by the private sector emerged for a wider network, such as offices to public spaces. Seeing the rapid development of the internet, the government began to facilitate blocking and screening through "Positive Trust". Positive Trust is a service that is free to use for internet users who need to filter against negative platform. Inside is a list of blocked sites. Positive Trust is a database system provided by the Ministry of Communication and Information.

Process Of Occurrence / Cause Of Web, Platform Or Application Can Be Blocked

The Ministry of Communication and Information is asked to be more transparent in filtering or blocking negative content on the Internet after forming a panel team on the Forum for Handling Negative Internet Loaded Website (PSBIN). In today's digital age where we easily access the internet, a variety of information is also easily obtained. This information that we are increasingly free to access turns out to be misused by a handful of people for profit. No wonder, if this is seen as a threat that can harm internet users. Seeing the increasingly free information that is spread on the internet and misuse of the site, making the government take decisive action. HTML websites that are deemed sufficiently potentially detrimental to the user are immediately blocked and we cannot access them again. A platform on the internet can be accessed easily. But there are also addresses that are blocked from being visited even if the site is of extreme importance to you. This issue also often becomes a serious problem and interferes with the expected performance. Even so, you do not need to worry because there are ways to open a blocked website easily. In fact, a Platform finds sanctions in the form of access denied due to several things. Even blocking can happen at any time, including to the site that you have or to the address that you are going to. Some of the causes include:

  1. The Site Is Indicated Phishing
  2. The first reason that makes a platform blocked is because phishing is indicated. Phishing is a term derived from English fishing, which means fishing. Fishing here is interpreted as an act of luring the user unconsciously to provide personal information, such as e-mail, password, date of birth, to information about finance. If the user gives all the data, the data could be misused resulting in losses.

  3. There Is Malware On The Site
  4. Besides phishing, malware is also the reason why a platform is blocked. Malware itself stands for malicious software. Malware is often interpreted as a program that is designed and aims to infiltrate or damage a computer system secretly. Many refer to malware as a virus.

  5. The Site Was Blocked Because It Offended SARA And Contained Pornography
  6. If the two previous reasons are more technical, the reason for blocked Websites is more about the content presented. Some sites in Indonesia had to be blocked because they provoked things that were offensive to ethnicity, religion, race, and between groups alias SARA. Content that is offensive to SARA is feared to cause divisions, or conflicts that should not need to occur. Meanwhile, pornography is also one of the biggest content that makes a site block. Content that is inappropriate and can have a bad influence is the reason why the Platform is inaccessible.

Each of these causes could be the reason why the intended Online Platform cannot be opened, even if accessed again it will still be. This blocking also applies continuously regardless of how many times the Platform is opened, it will be the same inaccessible. But there are still ways to open a blocked site that will help you to access the relevant page. Website blocking is often one that is not uncommon because of one of these risks. Because the most frequently encountered it is a dangerous virus attack and if passed will endanger the media you have. But if you want to open the site because you already have APP Development, you can choose one of the ways to open the blocked site.

Government Or ISP (Internet Service Provider) Blocking Web, Platform Or Applications

The circulation of negative content on the Website not only needs the role of government but also the public. The Government through the Ministry of Communication and Information has a mechanism for blocking negative content based on complaints from the public to government agencies or the police. The Ministry of Communication and Information has two ways to block the prohibited platform. Some of the methods used by the government are first to wait for reporting and second, it can be from the system. DNS Nawala is a free DNS filtering service that can be used by all internet users. This service filters or filters negative content in the form of pornographic content, violence or internet crime. With a newsletter, Kominfo will blacklist porn sites. For other restricted sites. Communication and Information will block if there are reports. Like the fake ticket sales site Bon Jovi concert. Formation of the forum as a refinement of governance in handling negatively charged Websites. Like pornography, terrorism, racial intolerance, hatred, fraud, gambling, drugs and food, to intellectual property rights. First of all, you certainly have to believe that the content is negative for examples such as containing racial intolerance or containing violence or pornography. Remember that the government can only block sites or social media accounts that are proven to violate the ITE Law. Complaints can be submitted via the Complaints Information and Information Commission on you country.

The blocking process does not always run fast, especially for websites that are considered difficult, such as radicalism or analysis. Content containing opinions also requires a more complicated process because Indonesia does guarantee its people to have opinions everywhere. The Ministry of Communication and Information needs to ensure that this opinion analysis contains baseless accusations or even false news that is forced as fact to be blocked.

How To Access The Web, Platform Or Applications That Are Blocked With VPN

In today's digital era, almost no one can be separated from the internet. Actively using the internet makes it easy for us to get up-to-date information, watching videos on YouTube, communicating with friends and family even though the distance is quite far. The nature of the internet is open. There are no restrictions either from the government, state or Internet Service Provider (ISP). However, now some sites have started to be blocked by certain groups for a variety of reasons. Here are some ways to open Websites that are being blocked VPN application are not only used to open and access blocked sites, there are many uses for using VPN applications: Among them speed up internet connection, make it more anonymous, not tracked by ISPs etc., Even so There are also haunting effects if you frequently use VPN applications, Moreover, using a free VPN (Free)

Using the VPN application you can break through blocked sites, and access these sites faster and easier. VPN applications also Set up special IPs: Many VPN providers also offer user-specific IP addresses. eachVPN server has. How to open a blocked Website that you can try is to install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) application on your device. This method is the easiest and most common way for Android users. VPN applications work by connecting internet networks with other networks through different IP addresses. Using a VPN will make it easier for users to surf freely and safely on the internet. You can open any type of site such as Web Design and so on.

  1. Select a VPNapplication
  2. Download and open the VPN application
  3. Choose the Fastest and Stable Server
  4. For example, using a Singapore or Japan server
  5. Wait until connected
  6. If you get 1-2 new notifications from the VPN application, then you are already connected to the VPN server
  7. and can be used to open blocked sites