Point to point tunneling protocol || PPTP VPN on port 1723 || Easy for setup on all device || Suitable on all devices

# Country Ip Server Protocol Port Continent Info Create
Brazil pptp 1723 America Submit
Canada pptp 1723 America Submit
France pptp 1723 Europe Submit
German pptp 1723 Europe Submit
Hongkong pptp 1723 Asia Submit
India pptp 1723 Asia Submit
Indonesia pptp 1723 Asia Submit
Italy pptp 1723 Europe Submit
Japan pptp 1723 Asia Submit
Malaysia pptp 1723 Asia Submit
Netherlands pptp 1723 Europe Submit
Russia pptp 1723 Europe Submit
Singapore pptp 1723 Asia Submit
Spain pptp 1723 Europe Submit
Turkey pptp 1723 Asia Submit
Unidtedstates pptp 1723 America Submit
Unitedkingdom pptp 1723 Europe Submit
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Free VPN services while still prioritizing user privacy without seeing or utilizing user data for our personal or interests. We provide this service considering there are still many internet users who do not know what VPN is (virtual private network) or just call it for users who only find out how to open a website blocked by their government..